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- ECG and HRV Analyzer Software for display, measurement and conclusion of the test results

- PC ECG USB device (Pulse Biomedical Inc) or Bluetooth wireless acquisition Device (Corscience Gmbx)

- Regular Blood Pressure measuring device for manual input data or continuous Real-Time full automatic

   input data by BpTRU BPM 200 device

- All-in-one or notebook computer with integrated bluetooth and portable printer

                                        Intellewave USB Connection


NOTE: There is additional option for PBI QRS-card, you can get software for standard Resting and Stress ECG with automatic interpretation. See Stress Quick Reference Guide of Pulse Biomedical Inc. by following next link:  http://www.qrscard.com/download/Stress%20QRG%20A.pdf 


Intellewave Wireless ECG with Real-Time continuous Blood Pressure (pictures below)


                Real-Time continuous Blood Pressure input data




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