Ortho Test

Assessment of reaction of the ANS on orthostatic intervention (lying-to-standing test).

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Valsalva Test

Assessment of autonomic reaction on Valsalva maneuver followed by deep breathing.

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Real-Time Regim

Real-time autonomic assessment, where results are updated with selected frequency (which can range from several minutes to several seconds).

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R-R intervals Variability and continuous Blood Pressure testing, or variations of beat-to-beat intervals in length, is regulated by both sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system.

Intellewave uses power spectral analysis for quantitative assessment of Heart Rate Variability and presents the results in the chart shown on the right, called Clusterization Chart. The system measures interrelation of the two most significant components of HRV analysis – power of high frequency (HF) variations and power of low frequency (LF) variations and displays them on the Cartesian system of coordinates.

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