Real-time autonomic assessment is a universal method to see autonomic response during any kind intervention on the body such as therapeutic intervention include medication orally or injectable. The potential application of real-time regime is next:


  • Autonomic monitor during sleep time to see a difference between sleep time and awake time.
  •  Monitor autonomic function during anesthesia to see the deepness of it(anesthesia).
  •  Monitor autonomic function during intensive care to see how ANS affected by medication.
  •  The autonomic monitor of implantable devices to see how that device function affects autonomic status.
rel time

“Real- Time” Autonomic  Monitor

rel time 3d

3D Spectral function of  “Real- Time” Autonomic  Monitor

Quality of Sleep

  24 hour of Autonomic function on one screen to see the difference between “Sleep” and “Awake” time